How good is Thyrocare blood test?

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Akshar Godhani, Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax at Indian Revenue Service (2017-present)

Addressed September 3, 2017

I have profited the administrations of Thyrocare multiple times. Arogyam Package. Once there was issue as for planning of assortment time.  Thyrocare Health PackagesHowever, aside from that experience was acceptable.

I was additionally worried about the unwavering quality of the tests results before profiting their administrations. Thus, I likewise checked upon the audits on the web. After cautiously investigating about the theme, here are my feedback :

All in all in the event that you search about any item/administrations, there is high possibility that you will experience more negative audits than positive ones. The explanation is, when individual is profoundly disappointed with specific p

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For a blood test, which one is better, Lal Pathlabs or Thyrocare?

Which is better, Lal PathLabs or Thyrocare?

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Samarth Mathur, Self Employed

Addressed July 5, 2019

I just came to think about thyrocare arogyam bundle through 1MG application.

I was searching for a standard body test and I saw these thyrocare lab are giving in excess of 81 test in only 1700.

So I made my brain and requested and booked the equivalent. Their person just came 8 toward the beginning of the day to gather blood test and said report will be out with 1–2 days.

Not just This MFs took over three days to deliever my report what they have detailed has removed the damnation from me.

In thier report my


Which ought to be under 5.

I was so discouraged, I began considering spending my rest of the life taki

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Mayank Agarwal, works at Larsen and Toubro

Addressed October 5, 2018

Pathtic service!!!!!

Bad involvement in Thyrocare

Booked barely any tests for a relative on 03rd October 2018 and planned example assortment on 04th Oct 2018 between 6AM-7AM. Thyrocare fixed it for 6.30AM, yet the professional brought at night and said he won’t come at 6.30AM and will come after 10AM (happpening second time)

Reached client care to tell about the issue yet they said they don’t have any confirmation of this communiation from the Technician so they cannot do anything (It implies I was lying) !!!

Technicain came at 10AM, he was not made a fuss over client’s accommodation or wheter the test

Rahul Sarkar

Addressed July 23, 2020

At whatever point I have looked into surveys of Thyrocare Blood Test I have gone over a progression of grievances from individuals who have put their trust on that particular symptomatic focus. There are protests about not keeping up the ideal opportunity for test assortment or neglecting to convey the report on the time determined in their correspondence and ensured by them by and by. This make a positive quality of unprofessionalism around this particular Diagnostic Center.

Significantly more risky is the way that numerous individuals have revealed their blood test reports to be incorrect. This can be truly perilous! Just legitimate

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How some ease test are directed by certain labs at such less expensive rate in India ? Talk is that their are quality issues , is this valid?

How did online pathology labs like Healthians and Arogya figure out how to give test bundles at such modest rates? A few labs even give free glucometers too. How it is conceivable to give the tests and glucometer at such modest rates?

Where would you be able to get the best, on the web, lab test?

Which way lab is better and dependable in symptomatic focuses in India?

Durga Prakash

Addressed July 24, 2018

Hey All,

Dont put stock in the Thyrocare Blood test Results. Cross check it with anyother presumed research center.

Here is my involvement in Thyrocare..

I have gone through Aarogyam 1.7 Health bundle on 25th May 2018 and was given some~90 blood tests at 2200.

In that I watched hsCRP estimation of 9.5 mg/L. This high estimation of hsCRP is disturbing for me.

Following multi month of medication, I again went for hsCRP test alone in thyrocare on seventeenth July 2018. Presently the worth is 14 mg/L.

At that point I got an uncertainty and on the proposal of my PCP, went for hsCRP test in Vijaya Diagnostics on twentieth July and discovered the incentive to be 4.5 mg/L

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Poly N.P, QMNurse Consultant at Cognizant (2019-present)

Addressed July 6, 2020

I will never prescribe Thyrocare to Anyone. I would propose everybody to go to closest lab or any clinic or get their lab administration at home, instead of going for Thyrocare Service. Don’t just glance at the quantity of lab tests and the expense of the bundle. A large number of the tests in numerous bundles are pointless for you. Additionally, you need to hang tight for least of 48 hours for lab results where the greater part of the tests require just 2 hours to complete the outcomes if in a lab close to you. There is additionally chance that they can misuse your examples and may get bogus outcomes. I am from clinical foundation and genuinely req

Kumar Shanu

Addressed June 8, 2020

I was having same inquiry only hardly any months back as I need to get my folks general wellbeing exam to be finished. I lotted of examination and furthermore took sentiment from various specialists and discovered thyrocare is entirely acceptable, dependable and most reasonable preventive test bundles.

Thyrocare is NABL ISO and CAP confirmed and has completely mechanized end yo end framework.

I for one go with thyrocare and furthermore propose in the event that you are searching for best preventive wellbeing bundles with worldwide nature of test gear with reasonable rates in India then thyrocare is ideal. The reports are additionally are precise.

I generall

Jayesh Pai, previous Retired Defense Officer at Indian Air Force (1990-2011)

Addressed February 5, 2018 · Author has 421 answers and 543.9K answer sees

Keep far away from this. They gather tests and put in a knapsack with no protection. The examples lie in the assortment place for 48 hours with no appropriate consideration take off alone temperature of 4 to 8 C. I was stunned to perceive how hundreds are being cheated.

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Hari Prasad

Addressed June 3, 2018

Let me share my involvement in thyrocare.

Scarcely any word for thyrocare – Excellent , Transparent and Highly Tech Equipment utilized.

Booked thyrocare aarogyam bundle barely any months once again from

Amazingly pleased with the administration. Inside 30 minutes I got affirmation call from thyrocare and arrangement was reserved inside 30 minutes.

Test was gathered at doorstep and report conveyed on mail. From that point forward each half year I will complete my exam from thyrocare and ensure everything is acceptable inside my body.

I principally use for booking thyrocare bundles as these folks are professi

Suresh, Practicing Acupressure, Mudra, Pranic recuperating.

Addressed June 30, 2017 · Author has 63 answers and 86K answer sees

No on the off chance that you care about wellbeing more than modest tests, at that point you should dodge thyrocare. The various answers is by all accounts supported. As of late they visited my office with the expectation of complimentary tests and detailed by TSH as 9.01, which set alert. I am elective healer myself(see my profile), and was certain this was bogus caution. Got tried in another presumed lab and discovered it inside range. Quest for “Thyrocare wrong reports” or “Thyrocare extortion” in google and you will locate all evil doings of this misrepresentation testing organization.

Other people who need to attempt their karma, proceed.

PS: Though old news, their disposition towards

Sanjeev Devaraj, BE Electronics, SRSI (2008)

Refreshed March 25, 2019

By and large Very Good, Happy with Thyrocare

I have taken the Blood test on Metabolic Profile A twice and Metabolic Profile B test twice and Aarogyam x once. Metabolic profile A, B blood test accompanied foreseen results. Taking everything into account Folic Acid(Vit B9) blood test is unique in relation to Folate blood test. For Couple’s who are making arrangements for Pregnancy or Pregnant women on the off chance that you need to check your Folate level. Explicitly request “Folate” test and not folic corrosive or Vit B9 with Thyrocare. The Vision of Thyrocare states “Moderate, Reliable, Reachable for Billions” – Yes it is Affordable

Prachi Priyamvada Singh, learned at Delhi Public School, Vindhyanagar (2003)

Addressed July 28, 2019

They have the most exceedingly awful assistance ever. I needed to get my glucose level tried during pregnancy, for which one test was to be done before drinking glucose and one after that. The test was very time basic. I needed to devour accurate 75gms of glucose and must be tried precisely following 2 hours. I was not permitted any dinners or drink in the middle of aside from water. The before test was done yet for the after test the expert didn’t come. I called him and he said he won’t come and I should converse with head office. I called the administrative center and disclosed to them the issue. They cut the telephone and nobody replied after th

Anurag Patel, previous Revenue Cycle Specialist at Cerner India

Addressed February 7, 2019 · Author has 72 answers and 18.7K answer sees

I never visited it actually, yet was looking for an entire body check up for my folks. I discovered numerous offers and promotions when googled, which are generally from Thyrocare. Indeed, even in the 1mg and Doctor C wellbeing bundles, the examples gathered and reports are sent by Thyrocare as it were. So began to see a few audits of its clients in Internet

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