What Is the Isagenix Diet?

What Is the Isagenix Diet?

By Darla Leal Reviewed by Marisa Moore, RDN, MBA on January 31, 2020


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The Isagenix diet is an enhancement plan that advances weight reduction. The program incorporates purges, shakes, bars, and pills that guarantee to normally “detoxify” and assist you with consuming fat. The makers state Isagenix offers science-supported enhancements that work. They make wellbeing claims that sound extraordinary, yet would they say they are valid?

What Experts Say

“People on the Isagenix diet predominately eat profoundly handled supper substitution shakes and purges. These can add to unnecessary included sugar consumption, and don’t show long haul feast arranging aptitudes. Specialists concur this isn’t the way to economical weight reduction.”

— Chrissy Carroll, RD, MPH


The Isagenix program was established in 2002 and is a staggered Buy Isagenix NZ promoting organization. This implies the organization offers cash to buyers to sell their items and once you become a merchant, you enlist extra sales reps to make a benefit. You additionally bring in cash through direct deals to clients. At the end of the day, the organization depends on a pyramid selling methodology.

How It Works

The organization’s vision, as indicated by its site, is to affect world wellbeing and free individuals from physical and budgetary agony. Isagenix utilizes caloric limitation and irregular fasting—which have been appeared to advance weight reduction—yet its strategies and items stay flawed.

Any prohibitive eating regimen will cause weight reduction since you’re making a caloric deficiency. It doesn’t make a difference if the calories are originating from entire nourishments or supper substitution shakes.

The Isagenix 30-Day System is one of the organization’s essential items. It’s promoted as a purifying and fat-consuming starter program that can be utilized long haul for sound weight reduction. It costs about $379 every month and incorporates supper substitutions shakes and enhancements said to help with “purifying” and weight reduction.

These incorporate an Isagenix fat terminator case called a Natural Accelerator and an Isaflush purgative case utilized for purifying. As indicated by the organization, the scrub days are intended to flush your collection of poisons and are a type of irregular fasting.

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What to Eat

The main rule for the one standard feast to be eaten on shake days is that it comprise of 400 to 600 calories. The Isagenix 30-Day System group contains shakes, purges, snacks, fat killers, and different things that guarantee to help accomplish and keep up weight reduction results.

Isalean Shakes: Meal substitution drink containing a mix of whey and casein (milk) protein. It likewise incorporates nutrients, minerals, sugar, and different added substances. Each shake is roughly 240 calories for every serving, 23 grams protein, 27 grams starches, 5 grams fat, and 11 grams of sugar.

Scrub For Life Drink: A mix of aloe vera, spices, some B nutrients, and sugar advanced as a crucial part during purge days. The beverage professes to help detoxification, digestion, and insusceptible frameworks.

Ionix Supreme: A fluid mix of spices, nutrients, and sugars showcased as a tonic with adaptogens for improved vitality, endurance, and mental execution.

Isagenix Snacks: Small chewable wafers that contain sugar, a protein mix, electrolytes, and different fixings.

IsaFlush: Capsules containing magnesium as a purgative and essential dynamic fixing alongside a home grown and mineral mix. The item professes to adjust your stomach related framework and improve supplement retention.

Regular Accelerator: Fat consuming cases containing green tea as the essential dynamic fixing. The mix of nutrients and spices professes to help digestion for improved fat consuming.

AMPED Hydrate Sticks: Vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and sugar in powder structure prepared to blend in water. It’s promoted as a games drink to remain hydrated and revived during your exercise.

Suggested Timing

The 30-Day System comprises of five shake days and two scrub days of the week. On shake days, clients supplant two dinners with an Isagenix shake (240–280 calories).

On scrub days, rather than utilizing shakes or eating a supper, clients devour four little servings of the Isagenix Cleanse for Life drink, alongside a small measure of recommended leafy foods affirmed snacks.

Upsides and downsides


Cutoff points calories and gives parcel control

Accommodation of pre-bundled food

Spares time and obliges occupied ways of life

Assortment of supplement programs


Profoundly handled, containing heaps of sugar and added substances

Not a swap for supplements from entire nourishments

Doesn’t instruct how to eat genuine food as a sound way of life


One-sided research



Bit Control

Isagenix offers an organized program that limits calories and gives parcel control. This could be viewed as an or more for the individuals who battle with indulging and bit sizes.


The comfort of pre-bundled food items conveyed to your doorstep is another advantage for calorie counters utilizing Isagenix. Skipping dinners spares time.


Isagenix offers an assortment of supplement programs dependent on explicit objectives. A portion of their arrangements incorporate enhancements for execution, sound maturing, and individual consideration.

This accommodation can be engaging. Furthermore, you may even get in shape with Isagenix, yet not in a sound way, as per nourishment specialists.


Prepared Foods

The Isagenix diet isn’t genuine food. The items are exceptionally handled, containing loads of sugar and added substances.

Missing Nutrients

The Isagenix diet endeavors to compensate for an absence of genuine food supplements in the health improvement plan by stacking its items with home grown mixes, nutrients, and minerals. As indicated by sustenance specialists, there is no substitution for supplements that originate from devouring entire nourishments.

Isagenix additionally utilizes a staggered showcasing methodology where wholesalers sell the items as well as give nourishing directing. A large portion of these merchants need nourishment and additionally clinical training.

Not Sustainable

The 30-Day System doesn’t show you how to eat genuine food as a solid way of life. When you have finished the eating routine, you are left without nourishment instruction for economical weight reduction later on.


The 30-Day Diet System is extravagant, checking in at over $300 for all the month to month supplies. That is more than $10 per day for an incredibly low number of calories.

One-sided Research

Isagenix makes logical cases that its item is a successful and solid approach to get more fit. The program additionally claims to flush out poisons, bolster entire body purging, and dispose of fat. The site likewise incorporates a disclaimer expressing these cases are not assessed or bolstered by the FDA.

Exploration has been directed on calorie limitation and discontinuous fasting, yet Isagenix makes reference just to choose examines that help its items and weight reduction reasoning. The organization doesn’t unveil that it has financed the exploration or that a portion of its subsidiaries are a piece of the examination board.

Despite Isagenix utilizing discontinuous fasting and calorie limitation as a major aspect of its weight reduction plan, the program itself needs adequate examination to help the organization’s cases.


The Isagenix 30-Day System falls path beneath the normal every day suggested calories for solid weight reduction. Shake days can run between 1160 to 1500 calories and just two or three hundred calories on purge days.

Limiting such a large number of calories can neutralize you. Your body perceives the requirement for calories or vitality to run effectively. Without adequate calories, the body shifts into endurance mode by easing back digestion to protect fat stores to be utilized as vitality later on. This in the long run prompts the failure to shed pounds, disappointment, and yo-yo slimming down.

Prohibitive weight control plans like the Isagenix program set individuals up for disappointment since you’re not eating genuine food. Rather, you are expending diet shakes and enhancements as your principle sustenance. This isn’t sensible or practical long haul. Studies show that roughly 95% of health food nuts recapture their weight in addition to additional from slims down like Isagenix.

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How It Compares

The Isagenix 30-Day Diet System fuses some weight reduction techniques that are like different eating regimens. Be that as it may, it additionally has some significant contrasts and downsides.

USDA Recommendations

The following is data on how this eating routine lines up with USDA proposals.

Nutrition classes

The USDA recommends a sound every day equalization of organic products, vegetables, protein, dairy items, and grains. Those on the Isagenix framework just eat one dinner daily (none on purify days), so it is about difficult to devour enough supplements sourced from genuine food.


Your body requires a specific measure of calories for solid weight reduction. By and large, the USDA says ladies ought to devour around 1500 calories every day to lose one pound for each week. Men ought to devour around 2000 calories day by day for a similar outcome.

Isagenix clients will experience issues arriving at the 1500-calorie mark on shake days, and will devour far less than that on purge days. To become familiar with your individual calorie needs, utilize this number cruncher.

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Comparative Diets

Components of the Isagenix diet reverberation some other weight reduction plans. Here’s the way they look at.

Isagenix Diet

Sustenance: This eating routine replaces most dinners with shakes and different enhancements. While it’s OK to get a portion of your supplements from supplements,

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