Why Are the Kids Still at Risk?

Memos, letters, phone calls have all fallen on deaf ears!!- ergonomic school bag for kids

What does one do to raise the alarm when those “in charge” ignore the arm waving “whistle blower?” A children’s advocate who is attempting to get attention from administrators, by demanding some accountability and responsibility towards “their” school children?

What do you do when those administrators ignore direct quotes from departing staff outlining the transgressions? What do you do when those same administrators refuse to look at the facts, choosing to take their avenue of least resistance avoiding the seriousness of the issue?

What do you do when the Bishops refuse to respond to specific issues that involve the safety, education and welfare of their students?

What do you do when the press is lukewarm and reluctant to openly question the administrators of the schools?

Apparently, threats to “get my gun” by a departing student isn’t enough, inferior facilities, minimal services, mediocre test results, no ESL, no school councilors, no school librarian, failing students passing and graduating, non English speaking students failing and graduating, bullying of students, sexual trespass aren’t serious enough to warrant an emergency review of a school.

None of this is too surprising, as the same administrative organization has been ignoring reality for years on a host of subjects!

How do you get anyone’s attention before something awful happens?

One can pen “Mi Amigo Rocko”, a three-chapter tale of injustice to one young boy who attends the school admonished below ( Ezine 2 November 2010 ) in hopes someone will lean back and take a long look at what is going on in the school house.

For almost three years, two parish priests, the School Commission and the office of the Superintendent of Schools, Archdiocese of Seattle, have done little to protect many students at one of their schools in Seattle.

Protect them against unwanted trespasses by students who should never have been allowed admittance in the school.

Protect them against being unprepared for the rigors of a robust secondary education.

Protected them against ignorance, generated by fear, from an administration that doesn’t trust or respect their students.

Recently, a student, who should have never been permitted to attend the school, was finally terminated after inappropriately touching some of the girls. A simple decision easily made by anyone thinking of the best interests of all of the students, particularly the young ladies.

History has proven that isn’t the case at this school.

Rather than immediately making the proper decision upon learning of the trespasses on the girls, the administration pursued every avenue in an attempt to keep the student. At first the young man was given a few days at home to reflect on his behavior. A contract, inclusive of mandatory church attendance, was considered in lieu of expulsion.

Any administrator, with any basic common sense, would have expelled the kid but this principal tried to use the very victims of the boy’s trespasses as his advocates in order to keep the boy in school, allowing him to graduate in June. The principal met with the girls to discuss the matter rather than taking steps to protect them. The girls needed to be honored and protected – not pressured, even if unintentionally, to relinquish the respect due them in every circumstance.

Teachers wanted to expel the student, as the obvious wasn’t so obvious to the principal. Still the boy was not expelled.

When it came to light that the boy was posting infelicitous remarks on Facebook about a young lady in the school a meeting took place that led to the boy being expelled.

All this could have been avoided if the administration, the school commission and the Archdiocese has paid any attention to a particular memo written 15 April 2010 outlining to the principal what the boys previous school had to say about him. In a nutshell they would never take him back under any circumstances. Teachers implored the principal not to enroll this student. As usual, they were ignored.

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