Wooden Baby Toys – The 3 Main Benefits of Wooden Toys

There are a great many benefits that come with wooden baby toys that may not be obvious at first glance. Although they don’t make noises on their own and don’t provide the same kinds of adventures that electronic toys can they still have a great many things to teach children and they don’t even require batteries to run or operate.- Wooden Toys singapore

Rather than being a negative, the very things that wooden toys don’t do for your child, are exactly what makes them so beneficial for their development. Electronics do have a place in the world of children but when you think about it, where were all the electronics when our parents and grandparents were growing up? Despite the fact that they didn’t have the “advantages” of technology that children have today they seemed to have turned out quite well; they were a generation that proved to be very self-sufficient and resourceful.

1. Durable

Wooden toys make a great addition to a child’s toy collection. They are a pleasure to touch and can take the hard-knocks of rough play without falling apart like most plastic toys will. If constructed of quality wood, means the toy will be strong and can bear the weight of a child whilst taking the usual playtime battering.

2. Imagination

Wooden toys will also allow a child’s imagination room to grow and flourish. As images and concepts are not “spoon-fed” to them the child has an opportunity to develop their own stories using toys as faithful companions on their merry adventures. Most of the time, wooden toys are not representative of media icons, which means a child’s imagination is not limited to what they have already seen on television or in the movies. This allows them to expand and enhance their own creative imagination.

Many child development experts and parents will agree that the more a child uses their imagination, the stronger it will become which can contribute to a child having better creative faculties later in life, the practical side meaning they have a better chance of turning into highly resourceful adults. There are definite advantages to building a strong imagination. A good imagination will take a child to any place in the world just by using their thought processes.

The greatest inventions of all time have come from the imagination of people who were probably allowed to develop their creative faculties in childhood.

3. Education

All wooden toys have their own particular educational value and benefit in the development of a child’s mind and body. One example would be wooden toy puzzles. These help children to develop hand-eye coordination and skills at solving problems. While it is true that puzzles of all kinds can provide the same benefit, handing down wooden puzzles and wooden toy boxes from one generation to another also has the benefit of becoming a beautiful heirloom through the years.

Sorting games such as bead sequencing sets also provide hand-eye coordination and reasoning training. Anything that will stimulate learning and discovery in a way that enhances a child’s development processes is only a positive. When the imagination is stirred the true versatility of any toy, especially wooden toys are demonstrated. Children will often return to their favourite toy time and again as they embark on another playtime adventure. For this reason, adding wooden toys to a child’s toy chest is a worthwhile investment in their development.

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